I watched the film The secret Life Of Pets by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney. I like because it is funny and adventureous. The film is about  a funny story about a dog’s life when his owner leave for work.

It begins like an ordinary day the owners go to work; the pets have their own time for themselves. One dog called Max waits for his owner all day. When she arrives she brought a dog from the shelter. Max does mind the dog and he feels like he has been substituted. The dog’s name is Duke. He takes Max’s bed and starts to take over the house. The next morning Max knock’s over a vase and a lots of other things to make it look like Duke did it so his owner thinks he is a bad dog. On the same day they went for a walk and Max was taking the advantage of Duke. Duke did not like so he grabbed Max and ran away. They found themselves in an ally way with cats. The cats took their collars and left them. A short while later Animal Control came and because Max and Duke did not have a collar they took them.

On their way to cannel a rabbit called Snowbell, a pig named Tattoo and a lizard attacked the van to rescue their friend. They were part of a group dedicated to bring domestic pets and humans down. They were part of this group because there owners abandoned them. When they rescued their friend Max and Duke said that they burned their collar and that they were human killers. Snowbell told them to join so they headed down to the sewers. When they get to their hideout, Snowbell says that they need to be bitten by a viper to join the gang. Both Max and Duke Refuse and escape, but the whole gang is on to them. They escape but only to Brooklyn the other side of town. So they raid a sausage factory and escape Animal Control but not for long. Snowbell finds Duke and Max and his gang gets taken as well as Duke by animal control. They pair up to rescue their friends. They find themselves on Brooklyn Bridge driving a bus and crashing in to other cars. When they catch up to Animal Control they smash into and the van fall of Brooklyn Bridge and is caught by scaffolding one by one the animals get out, but Duke is still in when it falls into the water. Max dives in to rescue so does Snowbell and they manage to rescue Duke. They go home just before their owner get home. Snowbell was found by a little girl and she made him her pet.

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