December 6, 2015

Journal Entry 2 HWK 2 6.12.15

The book I read was Running For Gold by Owen Slot 

I like this book because it is about a 18-year-old boy named Danny Powell and he is doing A-levels and at the same time he wants to complete his dream of beating Usain Blot in the Olympics but his dad wants him to quit running to go to university like his older brother Rikey. I like the book because it show us the determination Danny has th perceiver through his problems and become a sprinter.

The story begins in 2012 when Danny finds out that the Olympics is in Stratford (London) in the Olympic Park outside his house. Every day after school he works hard with his coach, who is a former athlete, Spike who likes to use the term get killed on the track which means work to your limit. One day, which Danny calls “the worst day ever”, on that day a thief enters the school and steals a handbag. Danny finds himself chasing the thief and he retrieves the hand bag. In assembly the headmaster congratulated Danny for retrieving the handbag. Danny was called to the stage and he talked about his dream of being the champion of the world and beating Usain Bolt. After assembly everyone laughed at Danny and his dream even his best friend Anthony said that Usain Bolt could eat a cheese sandwich before Danny could cross the finishing line. In school people would say ‘dream on Danny!’ this made Danny feel more determine to train harder. He lied to his parent saying he would leave at 6.30 everyday to revise at Anthony’s house instead he would run with Spike preparing for Olympic dreams. On the 20th of May one of the most important races of Danny’s life he would run 100m and he had to complete it in under then 10.20s if he did he would be able to complete in the trail for Team GB and in the trail if he came first or second he earned a place in Team GB. In Sheffield the race started Bang! They were of but then Bang! The racers stop someone started too early and he had to be disqualified. It was not Danny. The rest of the racer line up again at the start line. Bang! This time there was no second gun fired. Danny finds himself trying to chase first place in the end he broke his PB and it was now 10.17s. He qualified for the trails in the Olympic Park. On the 8th of June, Danny came third in the first round of trail, first in his second and he broke the GB fastest time with 10.3s in his third race. He did sub-10s with a 9.99s. In the finals he throne his hamstring and he was close to his dream now he will just wait for 2016 Olympics in Rio.

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  1. Excellent journal entry. This could be improved by using paragraphs to break up your writing.

    I think your brief comment that you liked the book was relevant, but am a bit concerned that you don’t go into more detail. Your personal response is of interest!


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