January 16, 2016

Journal Entry 3 HW1 16/01/16

The book I read was THE ELEMENTS by Dan Green. It is a non-fiction book about science. I like the book because I enjoy science and learning about the elements of the universe and the elements that make us. Did you know that 3/4 of elements are metal and 1/4 is gases and non-metals? The elements stat with the Hydrogen, which have an atomic number of 1. The atomic number means how many protons there are in the nucleus of the element. Each element has a symbol, for example the Hydrogen has an H as its symbol. The elements are put in a table, called periodic table, from the element with 1 proton to the element 118 that has been incorporated in the table this year. The Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe with 74% of it made of Hydrogen. 71% of the earth surface is water which contains hydrogen and oxygen. Water scientific name is h2o. The next element, which has atomic number 2, is called Helium, and 24% of the galaxy is made of it. Its symbol is He. Next is Lithium the lightest of the all the metal. Lithium combined with other metal makes aircraft and rocket parts. Its atomic number is 3 and its symbol Li. The most famous of the element is Gold. Astronauts wear golden visor to protect them from harmful sun ray in the space. Its atomic number is 79 and its symbol is Au. One of the most famous scientists had an element named after him. Can you guess who is? Yes, it is Albert Einstein. This element has an atomic number of 99 and its symbol is Es. The Americans had an element named after them called Americium. It is used in smoke detector, and it is the only radioactive thing you likely to have in your house. In our body we have a lot of different elements that make up our functioning bodies. Those elements that I listed above are some of the most interesting elements in my opinion.  There are many more elements and some scientists are trying to find them, and name the new elements 113,115,117 and 118 that were incorporated to table this year.

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  1. This Non Fiction book is obviously very interesting to you. I also understood your enthusiasm well.


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