I read a book called THEN by Morris Gleitzman. The thing I like about the book is that Felix and Zelda have finally stopped running from the Nazi and they are living amongst them with a kind women.

The story begins in the end of Once when they are climbing the hill. When another train comes Felix and Zelda run to hide from the machine gun on top of the roof of the train. They ran into the woods to hide but the Nazi were their burning bodies and barring them. Felix and Zelda stay in the forest hiding. In the morning they go out of the woods and see a truck with turnips. They run to get some because they are starving. Then an old man comes out of the truck grabs hold of Felix and Zelda and put them in the passenger seat and he tell them that he is going to his farm. Felix ask him if there will be more turnips and the replies yes. Later Felix notices an advert on the window saying 1000 reward in money for any Jews caught hand them over to the Nazi and claim reward. As soon as he read it he and Zelda run and see an unconscious kid underneath the turnips. They do not stop to help the kid they just run.

After they stop running a woman see them and grabs them by the ear and Felix is saying to her that Zelda is not a Jew but Zelda is saying she is. When they arrive at her hose she dumps them in the barn. Later Nazi come into the barn with dogs the woman throw pepper at the hay where we were hiding. Then I realized it was not for us it was for the dogs so they could not sniff us out. After the Nazi soldier came to stab the hay with his gun. Luckily none of us were stabbed. Then she told her name was Gena she gave us a bath and bought us clothes with eggs she got from her chicken.

Next Felix met a boy who shot a Nazi on the head. The next day Gena went to buy my present and she and Zelda were captured by the Nazi. Felix and the boy went for a suicide mission to rescue Gena and Zelda Felix had bomb around his chest ready to lunch them. Then he heard a bang! It was the boy, who had exploded half the house, and then a Nazi youth came a said that they were dead Zelda and Gena. He also had something in his had Felix birthday present a sliver locket with him and Zelda on it. Felix grabbed the locket and ran away from the house.

By Danilo De Souza



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  1. Some really detailed retelling here, although I felt that perhaps some of it was not in your own words? Regardless there is enough of a personal response for it to count, well done.


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