I watched a film called Dolphin Tale 2 by Harry Connick JR, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson and Morgan Freeman.
I like this film because it based on a true story of what happened to a Dolphin called Winter. I also like because it shows determination of the people taking care of Winter to keep her happy after her best friend died.
The story beings when they got a message about a stranded dolphin nicknamed Mandy after the little girl who found her. She was sun burned and had a lung problem which caused her to get stranded. She also had mucus coming out of her eyes. The marine hospital which is also an aquarium took her in to treat her. As Mandy became better Winter started to act weird and no one knew why. Then the next day Panama Winter`s best friend was at the bottom of the pool dead. She died of age and lung problems. That left Winter lonely and dangerous she hit a person while they were trying to put her prosthetic tale on.
Mean while Mandy was getting better and clay had the decision made to release her but everyone else wanted to pair up her with Winter. Then she was released and a day later they found a turtle trapped in fish net. They cut it off and made sure she was healthy before releasing her. At sawyer birthday party a call came about a female dolphin coming to the centre who was a baby so everyone got ready. When she arrived she was named Hope after she was the one chance. They had to save Winter. As soon as she was ready they attempted to pair them up. But it went wrong Hope got scared that Winter had no tail so they called it off. The next day they tried again, but this time with the prosthetic tale on and it worked and that was the end.

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  1. There is some good retelling here, and I especially liked the first paragraph which had the majority of your personal views about the book.


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