I read the book After by Morris Glitzman. I like the book because it is an adventurous continuation of the series. I also like it because it shows that determination can get you anywhere.
The book begins at the end of the book Then, when Felix is helped by Gabriek Geina’s husband. Felix lives in a hole, in Gabriek’s barn, to stay hidden from the war and the Nazis. One night when it was Felix’s birthday, Gabriek brought him a present. Then a car pulled up on the drive way. Gabriek told Felix to stay in the hole. While Felix got in the hole, he listened for a sound of arguing. Felix thought it was Nazi and that they went to get Gabriek because he is helping a Jew. When the talking finished, he noticed that they were gone so he got out of the hole. Felix thought that they taken Gabriek to the forest because that is where they do their killing. Felix cautiously followed them. When they got in the forest Felix saw them tying up Gabriek to the rail way track so when the train comes it will run him over. Felix ran down the hill saying ‘ I am the Jew and Gabriek was going to hand me over to you’ they pointed their guns to Felix’s head. Gabriek explained to them that he was taking care of Felix. To Felix surprise they were not Nazis they were rebels fighting back against the Nazi. They were called paristians. Then they told Gabriek that this should not happen again. After that Gabriek took Felix back to the barn. When they were near the barn they saw it alight. Gabriek run to it and told Felix to stay. But Felix went to the barn to collect Dom their horse. When he got there the barn was all most on fire. Felix quickly got Dom to safety but while he did so a wooden beam fell and blocked the exit. The beam was on fire and Felix jumped to try and get over the beam to Dom. Mean while Gabriek was getting his stuff from the house. But he got injured with the fire.
After that Felix took Gabriek to the paristians to get better. When he eventually found them he told them what happened. The paristians said they will do their best. Will went with but they said to join them he needed a gun. One of them gave Felix her coat and gave him a few tips on where to get a gun. Then Felix set off. At first he thought of breaking into a house and stealing a gun. But then he saw a Nazi youth on a bicycle with two bazookas. Felix crept up slowly on him and when the boy entered the house Felix got the bike with the bazookas and a pair of boots and rode off.
When he got there everyone was impressed. Felix got the job of assistance doctor. He stayed working until Gabriek got better. But he was not. So the paristains moved him to their main camp. And Felix stayed working he tried to escape a few times but he always got caught and his had to make up stories of what he was doing. One day Felix went out on a food mission he went into the city which was being bombed by England and Russia. Felix found food and his friend took a dead Nazis uniform and infiltrated their base. Felix’s friend finds out that the Nazi are going to attack their base and they run to warn them. She tells Felix to go to a swamp and wait for her. Felix goes and after a day he goes back to the camp he sees that everyone is dead and heads back. A couple of days later Felix’s friend return and she explained what happened and how the Russians are push the Nazis back. Then Felix decides to go with the Russians to see if he can find his mum. They take him to a camp and Felix helps out cueing the sick trying to find his mother and then he did he ran to her. She explained what happened to his father and soon enough she was gone. Felix made a funeral and he found Grabriek well and healthy. So they went off to find a life.

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