November 14, 2015

journal entry

The book I read was SPY CAT BLACK OUT by Andrew Cope.

The book is about an ordinary cat named Shakespeare who becomes a trainee spy because Professor Cortex wants to make animals spies. He successfully manages to make Lara, the family’s pet dog, a spy dog and Lara’s pups, Spud and Star, also qualified as spy dogs, but he wants a spy cat. The story begins on a cruise ship where there was an unsuspected diamond thief: an 80-year-old lady. She enters cabins to only rob diamonds. She left money filled wallets and emeralds. She only wanted diamonds. She did not work alone across Europe. There were more robberies on trains, banks and only old people took part in it. They all worked for the same man: the Past Master who is a survivor from World War 2. He is an evil genius mind whose intentions are to make no harm, but he wants to bring the world to “the good old days” in the 1950 BC (before computers). He invented a machine called the time machine set to destroy the satellite in Europe so there would be no connections to use phones and computer. Their secret hide out was the Shard’s top floor nearer to the sky. Shakespeare is set a very important mission with the Professor. They would dress up as very rich people and Shakespeare would wear the biggest diamond in the world on his collar. A hand-picked agent was chosen by the past master to steal that diamond. Shakespeare gets cat-knapped and is on the top floor of the Shard by his own. Nobody comes to rescue him. The past master tries to escape, but Shakespeare jumps into his garden mower engine powered wheelchair and they are flying though London. The engine stalled and our hero had to do his job in only 90 seconds before they crash in to London Bridge. The past master was strapped into the chair and if Shakespeare did not react fast enough he would sink after saving the world from a crises. Finally after that mission, Shakespeare becomes an official spy cat.

by Danilo De Souza

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