I read the book called CAN YOU SURVIVE AN EARTHQUAKE by Rachael Hanel. It is book that you choose  your own path and see where you  end up you make choices and decision. This book has 3 story paths, 42 choices and 21 endings. I like this book because you make your own decisions for your survival and if it turns out wrong ending you have to start again. Another reason for why i like this book is in an event of a natural disaster you would know what to do.

I choose my path in a city called San Francisco the other option were an island (Japan)and Alaska. I was given two options I was coming from work and my friend invited me to go out  I had the choice to go home and get dressed or go straight away. I choose to go straight away. When I arrived I helped out in the kitchen when the ground started to shake I had the choice to stay inside or run outside. I chose to run out side it was a good idea the house was to unstable and could collapse at any moment. Then I went to look for a rescue Shelta but there was a forest fire and it was to dark so we camped out. That was the end of the story of the city.

I like these types of book because you choose how the story ends. My conclusion is that I survived an earthquake and no was hurt, injured and died. that was my review on CAN YOU SURVIVE AN EARTHQUAKE

By Danilo De Souza


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  1. Great work danilo.it was a great review.It also makes me feel like if there was an actuall earthquke how will I do and will i survive.Overall it was a great piece of work and i really enjoyed it.

  2. This was an interesting read, and I am pleased to see that choose your own adventure books are still finding an audience.


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