The story that I remember from when I was younger is birthday surprise. It is about a shepherd dog whose name is Patch and it is his birthday at the farm. Fred the farm decided to bake a cake for patch’s birthday. The farmer takes Patch to count sheep and he and the rest of the animals start to decorated the barn. They put the present in the hay and put up banners and Fred starts to fill the balloon but it was taking too long so he had an idea he said,” I will use the puffomatic balloon-blower all I need is a flick of a switch and it will be done faster than you can say party! “. Fred switched the switch and the balloon blew up to their full size but they did not stop. They grew bigger and bigger and did not stop. Suddenly BANG!  They burst bale went ever where the animals ran with a fright.  Patch saw the explosion and ran to see what happened he saw Fred’s hat and barked then jenny came with a bone shape cake and said surprise Patch. Everyone shouted Happy Birthday Patch!

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